Changing the catering game.

Spoon is revolutionizing catering with innovative, delectable dishes and impeccable service, elevating events to unforgettable experiences. Taste the difference and make your occasion standout with Spoon!

We combine the benefits of the best local farms with advances made possible by technology to deliver you the best catering experience possible. Food surrounds us, but we don’t always think about where it comes from or how it got to us. The way we eat and our experiences with food have huge impact on everything from the environment to our health.

Crafting Culinary Wonders with Respect, Curiosity, and Excellence! At Spoon, curiosity fuels innovation, respect honors individuality, and a commitment to excellence shapes our flavorful, meticulously crafted culinary masterpieces.


Stay curious

Staying curious is our mantra, driving us to explore culinary boundaries, innovate, and refine our craft, ensuring every dish is a unique, delightful experience.


Be respectful

Being respectful means we honor every client's unique tastes and preferences, embracing diversity and striving for inclusivity in every flavorful creation.


Make great food

Making great food is our essence, guiding us to craft every dish with passion, precision, and the finest ingredients, ensuring unparalleled flavor and culinary excellence.

Meet the awesome team behind Spoon

Kolby Huel

CEO, Co-founder

Laney Corker

COO, Co-Founder

Melanie Sparks

CFO, Co-founder

Sarah Sparks

VP Operations

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